Juan Manuel Ramos-Goñi

Juan Manuel Ramos-Goñi

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Juan Manuel Ramos Goñi holds a Bachelor degree in Sciences and Statistics by the University of La Laguna where he took doctoral courses in Statistics and Operational Research; holds a Master degree in Socio-health Research by the University of Castilla La Mancha and holds a Doctoral degree by the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. He has held an academic stay at Oxford University (Sep 2009-Dec 2010). He has also taken specific courses in economic evaluation at the Universities of York, Oxford, Birmingham and Cambridge.

He was Senior Scientist in the office of EuroQol Research Foundation (March 2013- June 2018). He has held various positions in the administration both in statistical institutes and in health services, especially notable is the experience in HTA services, specifically conducting and managing economic evaluation projects. He has also carried out consultancy work for various health corporations, in the area of ​​health and pharmaceutical companies, mainly by carrying out economic evaluation models, but also more recently collaborated with universities (UCLM, LSE, Erasmus) in the application of multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA).

In addition, he has developed the tariff of the EQ-5D-5L in Spain and has collaborated in the development of the tariff for multiple countries, such as Uruguay, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Ireland, Portugal…